About Us

Founded February 2022 by TV Bobby, Lunar Park is a luxury fashion house specializing in but not limited to, Men's and Women's footwear. Providing consumers with high quality and distinctly unique products at a more affordable price point. We consider ourselves luxury for the people.

Not only are we Washington State's first 100% Black Owned original sneaker brand. We are also the creators of the world's first ever real Black History shoe, The Black History One (BH1). 

Inspired by a variety of brands like Disney, Supreme, Nike & Nintendo, we feel compelled to push the boundaries of creativity, while staying true to our roots. Our first product debuted making history in three different categories, but we're not resting on that, we look forward to the future. Though our foundation is in footwear, the scope of our creativity feels limitless and will be explored at every turn. So we welcome everybody to tap in and take this ride with us.