Crowning The Culture

Historic Lineage

Did you know we're Washington State's first 100% Black Owned original sneaker brand? Not only that, but our first model; The Black History One, is the world's first REAL Black History shoe. We're based out of Seattle's historically Black, Central District neighborhood. This is the same neighborhood where TV Bobby's Great Aunt and her husband had their legendary restaurant and bar, Ayer's Cafe. They were the first Black people in Washington State to acquire a liquor license. We could go on and on, but we don't wanna hold you up from placing your next order and putting someone new onto the brand.

  • Footwear

    They're selling sneakers. We're serving food for your sole. The hottest lifestyle shoes, basketball shoes, runners, slides, boots, dress shoes & more.

  • Clothing

    Using only top tier textiles to deliver unique pieces from top to bottom. From low-key everday essentials to standout garments.

  • Accessories?

    Follow us as we test the boundaries of our creativity. You'll never be able to guess what type of crazy and fun stuff we'll come up with next.

  • Entertainment

    Digital Content, Fashion Shows, Pop-Up Events, Private Parties, Networking Socials, Kids Events & more.